Awesome Projects

At the moment, we are currently working on and maintaining 17 amazing projects.


Archived Projects

We recently did a cleanup of our projects that are no longer updated, are abandoned, or don't work. We have 22 archived projects.


Staff Members

We have one original founder, along with 6 members who have been with us from the beginning. We have an inherited student who is learning from another former member who was with us from the beginning (he has now left, unfortunately). We also have two new members who recently joined the team. None of our members are payed for what they do.

Made for Everyone

All of our products are made with weeks of effort and every one of our developers loves doing what they do - making something for you to use, for free!

Highly Customizeable

All of our products are able to be customized through their various settings files. We try to maximize customizeability (is that a word? 😋).

Constant Bugfixing

Our team is constantly updating each of our products until they have no bugs. We test our products using both online tools and manual improvement so that there are no errors.

Who are we? Meet our team!

We develop what you want and what you need! We use the latest methods and always take feedback into consideration! We have our founder, 6 of the original members, one inherited student, and 1 new member.

TheDragonRing - Founding Member

Some Random Confused Programmer & Bookworm... | Email: hello@thedragonring.me | Founder of the BoxOfDevs Team

TheRoyalBlock - Admin Member

Owner of the Turbine Network, Loves PHP and HTML and CSS. Learning how to code from remote_vase (a past team member). Is a bookworm. Invite to orgs for major contributions. #SCIENCE

Ad5001 - Admin Member

MCPE Youtuber, Map Maker, Engineer redstone (alternative & classical), programmer in PHP, JS, and more. Mail: mail@ad5001.eu

Professor Taki - Admin Member

Amazing plugin developer for PE and PC, teaches people worldwide how to code PocketMine plugins! Semi-retired from coding but actively participates in idea chats. "The PHP Professor Everyone Relys On : )"

Dog2puppy - Admin Member

Dog2puppy loves to code! He has created a lot of small plugins using the PocketMine-MP api, and also loves web development including HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.

HimbeersaftLP - Admin Member

An amazing and hilarious developer who always contributes!

Ulti - Admin Member

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Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Flutter, GDG Malaysia. A trainer, teacher, website developer, and a wanderer.


Amazing developer, strives for greatness!

Nathaniel Fredericks

Our reviews

SpeedSurvival - Rating: 5/5

"OMG this plugin is very good, thanks!" ~ RubiksCube - FR

CommandShop - Rating: 5/5

"This plugin is going to change servers. You've made history." ~ LordJoshie

FairTrades - Rating: 5/5

"This plugin is just what I needed for my server! :D" ~ Pogogo007

WinAPI - Rating: 5/5

"Awesome plugin! I was able to make a SCOREBOARD and a LEADERBOARD on my website using this and some PHP!" ~ Dylan C

What's New?

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Our website beta goes live!

  • February 27, 2017

Our new website has just been uploaded to Github! It is not quite finished, but we are working hard to get it up and running !

Good news, and Bad News

  • February 17, 2017

Unfortunately, one of our founding members (@remote_vase) has quit development and moved on to teaching other people how to code. One of his students is @TheRoyalBlock, our newest member! On twitter, we posted: "Don't worry, @TheRoyalBlock may seem new and unknown, but he's learning from one of our devs who unfortunately just left -> @remote_vase "

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