Active Projects

Our project count fluctuates, but we work to maintain all of our active projects and update them as necessary.


Archived Projects

These include both individually archived repositories, and 23 projects consolidated into our Archived repository. These projects represent some of the foundations of our early work.


Staff Members

We're a small, busy team, doing this in our limited free time, but we're *committed* nonetheless.

Made for Everyone

All of our projects are made with love - making things for you to use, for free!

Highly Customizeable

All of our projects are able to be customized to their greatest extent at the time.

Community Driven

All of our projects are updated and maintained based on community feedback and interest, with heavy testing to make things as best as possible!

Who are we? Meet our team!

We develop what you want and what you need!

dragonwocky - Founder

Teen aussie programmer + nerd | Founder of the BoxOfDevs Team

AvgZing - Co-Founder

Seattle-based aspiring architect who programs for fun.

catgirlin.space - Co-Founder

Rosalinya/bridgett; profreshional cat. plays splatoon with e-liter 4k and z+f splat charger. does lots of programming. likes math.

Himbeer - Co-Founder

Writing bad code | Building bad hardware

Thunder33345 - Staff Member

I am a developer, I program mostly as a hobby and for fun. I learnt most languages by self taught.

InspectorGadget - Staff Member

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Flutter, GDG Malaysia. A trainer, teacher, website developer, and a wanderer.

Nathaniel Fredericks - Staff Member

A computer science student interested in open source software, web development, and the future of technology.

Niekert - Staff Member

Amazing developer, strives for greatness!

Our Story

On January 25, 2016, our founder, @dragonwocky, created BoxOfBits, a multipurpose Pocketmine-MP plugin. This plugin led to the founding of BoxOfDevs on April 3, 2016 as a team of staff to maintain BoxOfBits for ImagicalMine - a PocketMine-MP fork. Over the years, the team has gone through a number of phases, including expansion to more plugins, a decline to inactivity, a shift to discord, and multiple subsequent projects.

Contact Us

The best way to reach out to anyone on the team is via discord.

NOTE: this contact form has been removed. The best way to reach out to anyone on the team is via discord.